In a world where the music of the trees has suddenly hushed, Dirty Paw and her rag tag band march for glory….

The campaign mostly takes part in The Singing Forest. The Singing Forest is so named, because, as legend has it, the trees used to sing and make beautiful music. There is some truth to this and the tradition of keeping this music alive is kept up by the Citizens of Buura, the kingdom of mammals that exists within the forest’s boundaries. The music that they create is similar to our world’s Mongolian throat singing; the deep throaty sounds resemble the thickness of the bark and the high piercing chest whistles is the sound of the wind blowing through the leaves. The trees within the forest are big, similiar to the trees of our Redwood Forest. The western side of this forest rests along the Namjila Coast upon which the Castle Buura rests upon the cliffs of this shore.


The King of Buura, Mot Porras, is a wizened old badger, slightly bowed but still cuts an imposing figure. He is guarded by The Silent Men, large badgers who carry large tower shields and can wield massive two handed swords in one hand. Their dress is made up of greys and black with a dark green sash. These guards have sworn an oath to silence and will never speak a word. Rumors even say that the badgers who become Silent Men have their tongues taken out. The king has a Seer named Serik the Fortunate, who is a blind ferret. Magic is quite rare in this world and highly mistrusted but it is not unheard of. Serik the Fortunate is one who can actually ‘far see’ and ‘foretell’ and has even been said to generate fire from his hands.


There is a dark force moving upon this forest. A war is beginning to break out. Agents of Rats and Moles have been stealing away citizens of this land to become slaves. Little is known of what works the slaves are being put to work for. Sightings have even been seen of Lizardmen, those from the far swamps and are known for their brutal ways of life. There are rumors of bees moving into the forest, intent on taking the forest by force. Some say the Queen is coming to claim this land for theirs, coming from the east and driving away the birds from the canopies of the great trees. Beyond the forest have been sighted the black smoke of many fires, perhaps the workings for which these captured slaves are being put to work.


Dirty Paw was known to the king as a mighty fighter and was impressed that a hare(!) could be the mighty Dirty Paw! He always thought Dirty Paw was a badger, or maybe a weasel, but could've sworn once it was a mouse… However, with the approach of a force of unknown size the king commissioned Dirty Paw to raise a company of fighters to act as their reconnaissance and special fighting unit, known as the Shadow Talons. They have currently been in the field for a while and are quite far into the eastern side of the forest striking terror into the forces of Rats and Moles when they could be engaged.


On the edge of this forest lies a small farm, where a young hedgehog lives with his parents. He is bored of his existence on the farm and wants to adventure and is herding his family's pigs along the edge of the forest accompanied by his pet dragon fly….

The Chronicle of Dirty Paw

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