The Chronicle of Dirty Paw

Session 1

Hector (“But my parents call me ‘Shit’”), the hedgehog is tending his pig flock with his pet dragon-fly, when he and the flock are attacked on the edge of the woods by giant bees, and rats. The dragon-fly panics and runs away, and Hector follows (“‘Cause he’s my best friend”). He’s captured by the rats and dragged away towards the tree-line. While dragging the rat’s mention that “this one should fetch a good price.” Hector starts singing. It really pisses off the rat’s and bee’s so they knock him out.


Hector wakes up in a dark room, strapped to a chair with a rat. The rat starts sizing Hector up for sale, it’s clear that they’ll be selling the little hedgehog into slavery. The rat calls for pliers, another rat comes and they start pulling out Hector’s quills. Hector struggles and knocks his chair over. The door to the room is bust down and what appears to be a huge horned demon.


Dirty Paw and Ree-Ree enter the room, with Dirty Paw in the lead. Ree-Ree makes for one of the rats, Dirty Paw slashes rat #1 with her long sword across the back. Ree-Ree is attacked by the rat #2, who is holding pliers with a bloody quill attached. Rat #1 attempts to flee and DP cuts him down (nearly in half). Hector stops screaming. Rat #2 swipes at Ree-Ree and Ree-Ree attacks with a battle ax and hits R2 in the arm. Dirty Paw stabs at R2 with her dagger. R2 drops the pliers and attempts to shoulder through Ree-Ree and he stops as if hitting a wall. Ree-Ree grabs R2 by the throat and yells “WHAT YOU DO? YOU USELESS” and throws it against the ground. Hector says “They pulled my quill out and frightened my pigs!”


Dirty Paw introduces herself and Ree-Ree as the Kingsmen, and before they can explain further Hector screams—drawing the attention of other rats coming to check out the torture. Ree-Ree pretends to be interrogating Hector, the rats aren’t fooled and send for the boss. Two rats step inside, Dirty Paw slices the first rat’s head off. Ree-Ree throws his spiked club, he misses and hits the wall. Dirty Paw tells Hector to do something, Hector says he can sing, DP “SO SING!” Dirty Paw stabs the second rat in the throat, the rat dies pitifully.


The battle is over and Hector starts to sing. As he sings, he gives off bright shocking light. Ree-Ree and DP are shocked by this blatant display of magic. Hector grabs some weapons from the ground, Dirty Paw insists that Hector should come with them and join them as the Shadow Talons will have great need for his magic.


Upon exiting the room, a gas cannister rolls between all three of them. Ree-Ree is the only one that isn’t coughing.  RR tries to attack, but a mole hits him upside the head, stunning him. DP misses an attack on the first mole and gets in the way of the second.  The second mole hits DP, also upside the head for subdural damage. Hector swings into the smoke and makes contact with the first mole underneath the jaw.  RR swings his axe with both hands and nearly decapitates the first mole. First mole misses an attack on the coughing and nearly lifeless body of DP, just catching her chain mail. Hector slashes wildly and misses the remaining mole. RR misses wide left. Dirty Paw gets up off the ground but is still coughing.  Same with Hector.  Ree-Ree is breathing normally and ready to attack. DP misses an attack while still on the ground. Hector grazes the mole. RR catches the mole in the chest with his axe and kills him.


The smoke dissipates, but the group sees a huge rat approach with a sickle and cannonball attached to a chain, wrapped upon his forearm. Beyond the incoming rat and moles, we can see cages jammed full of animals being ready to be sold.  There is a mass grave full of woodland creatures nearby the cages. The party runs away towards their camp to the south.  The rat wants his minions to give chase and bring him our heads.  Ree-Ree and Hector go back to camp while Dirty Paw plans to scope out the enemy camp’s operation.  DP climbs a medium sized tree and see some rats venture into the forest, but they quickly lose interest and the prospect on encountering the group in the dark.  They turn around, unsuccessful in their search, so DP climbs down and catches up with RR and Hector.


They get to camp.  DP orders RR to pin Hector to a tree to sleep because he’s being whiny about the sleeping situation.  RR takes damage as Hector quickly curls into a ball.


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