The Chronicle of Dirty Paw

Session 2

After arriving at camp, Dirty Paw checks on the condition of Corporal Fred and Persephone. Dirty Paw fills the troops in on the King’s Mission and the events of the night previous.

Hector sings songs to mess with Ree-Ree, Dirty Paw takes offence and gags and hedgehog ties Hector. Corporal tries to convince Dirty Paw to ungag the boy. Dirty Paw instead unties one arm and instructs the boy to write in the dirt. The boy tries to explain that he was trying to knock out Ree-Ree to make him sleep and feel better. The crew discusses what to do with Hector. They settle on having Corporal talk to him while Ree-Ree stands guard in case something happens. As they are starting to talk to they hear yelling and barking dogs from a distance. They start running away and Dirty Paw sees two moles popping up out of the ground. Frederick runs to his bedroll to grab his bow.  Hector charges forward.  Ree-Ree matches his maneuver.  The first mole takes an uppercut swing with his club but misses.  The second mole takes a pot shot with this crossbow at Frederick but misses wide. Dirty Paw throws her dagger and misses.  The gems on her helmet glow and she enters the rage state. Persephone runs towards the red mist that has surrounded Dirty Paw.  She throws a metal dart at and hits a mole in the leg.  Hector sings to a mole and dazes him. Ree-Ree makes solid contact with a mole’s jaw with his battle axe. He counters but misses.  Dirty Paw screams like a banshee a splits the other mole in half from head to groin. Persephone sidesteps Hector for a spear jab but misses. Hector sings a creepy song for no effect. Ree-Ree hits the same mole again from the other side of the head, hitting him in the eye ball knocking brains out of him.  As he follows through, Ree-Ree and Frederick are terrified at a bright light being emitted from the mole’s head.  The mole’s head, alit like a beacon, has alerted dogs and angry shouting in the distance.


thedcaputo TessaMei

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